PCC and standing committee dates 2018

DATES of PCC and Standing Committee meetings 2018

Please note that the meetings are not open to all  -  however should you wish to observe a meeting please contact the Vicar or the Churchwardens in the first instance   



PCC                     Mon 15 Jan                            7.30pm


St Comm             Mon 5 Feb                             9.30am


PCC                     Wed 14 March                       7.30pm


APCM/Vestry     Sunday 22 April                    11.00am

(following Sung Eucharist – details to be confirmed)


PCC                     Mon 14 May                          7.30pm


St Comm             Tues 19 June                          9.30am


PCC                     Wed 11 July                           7.30pm


St Comm             Fri 10 August                        9.30am


PCC                     Tues 11 Sept                          7.30pm


St Comm             Mon 15 Oct                           9.30am


PCC                     Mon 19 Nov                          7.30pm

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