Raising money for St Matthew's


Church Hall project  

St Matthew's parish is raising funds to build a new Church Hall.  We would like to help them in this endeavour as we all know how important the use of an extra building is for the Church community.  Some of our fund raising events during the past year have included St Matthew's as a beneficary for this purpose.


Secondary Education

Sadly Secondary Education is not mandatory in Sierra Leone and the children can only stay at school if they pay for it.  It costs only £120 a year for a child to undergo secondary education.  Paul and Sheila drew attention to this very clearly when looking at the cost of a packet of biscuits.  If everytime we bought a packet of biscuits we put the same amount of money in a jar,  we would raise the money for one child to be educated very easily. 


If you want to know more about how you can donate to our appeal for Sierra Leone,  or you would simply like more information please contact Paul Welch directly on 01444 471336.  




Some of the congregation of St Matthew's wearing the Wivelsfield Church shirt.      



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