Fairtrade Stall

We have a Fairtrade stall in church  on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of each month before and after the 10.30 and 9.30 service respectively. Buying Fairtrade goods means that you are supporting a fair system of payment for farmers in third world countries for thier crops.  Fairtrade has been around for forty years but the first Fairtrade labelled product was used in 1988 (Coffee from Mexico).  Fairtrade has been sold in Wivelsfield church for five years, and last year we sold over £2000 worth of goods.  Thank you for contributing, even just a packet of biscuits or rice makes the world of difference to struggling farmers,  knowing that their crops have a guaranteed market price to help them be more sustainable.  Our stall regularly attends village and community events where some of our volunteers are happy to help spread the word of Fair Trade.    


For more about Fairtrade use this link http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/


                     Sheila Blair "manning" the Fairtrade stall         The Fairtrade stall in church      

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