Talents Challenge

In November the congregation was challenged with taking £10 and making it grow -  all proceeds towards the church hall project. 


The Challenge lasted through to January initially and many parishioners are continuing with their fund raising efforts  -  a big thank you to all who have been so innovative, encouraged and fruitful!   


No names as there are so many ..... but ideas have included:   sale of goodies for christmas / wonderful embroidery and needlework items / plants / jams / calendars / cards / candles / gift wrapping / car washing / vintage tea parties / lunches / dinner parties.   Pictures of some of the fund raisers are below:


Talent Table                       Car Washing/ Valeting             Cards and Calendars


home made bunting                           jams and plants                pomanders



           vintage afternoon tea                                   cordon bleu dinner party


other activites
Webpage icon Christmas Day Community Lunch
Webpage icon Frugal Fridays
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