visits to Burrswood

Visit to Burrswood


For those of you who have never been to Burrswood, a short account of our day.


Burrswood is a Christian hospital and place of healing and is in Groomsbridge , about 4 miles south of Tunbridge Wells. The hospital and Church are in a beautiful setting with views over the weald and large gardens. Just approaching down the long drive is a lovely experience, and sets the scene for the peace and tranquillity of Burrswood.


We usually arrive about 10.30am in time for coffee (and cake!) in the tea room or, if fine, outside on the terrace overlooking the gardens.

At 11.30 every Thursday a service takes place in the beautiful Church and there is a chance to receive laying on of hands for healing if you wish.

After the service we adjourn to the café for lunch or some people prefer to bring a packed lunch. We have to book our table for the group well in advance as the cafe is popular, especially in the summer.

After lunch there’s time to browse in the book shop which has a good selection of Christian books – useful for gifts for baptisms, confirmations, etc – as well as personal use.


Visitors are welcome at Burrswood  so why not join us, dates for visits are shown in the calendar and announcements will be made in church.    


Penny Sullens 

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