Stewardship   - the below is taken from 40 acts to enocurage the christian belief in giving.

Stewardship are a UK Charity and more about them can be read on the link shown




If times are hard at the moment, spend today in thought. Challenge yourself to look honestly at your giving attitudes: do you view it as 'your money', or God's? How much would you like to be able to give, if you could? What causes would you give to? Pray about those things. If you find that you have a little loose change that accumulates each day, why not start a Giving Jar? When it's full, you can choose who to give it to.





If you don’t give regularly, why not start by setting up one regular gift to your church or a cause that’s on your heart? Review your budget or start one and check what proportion of your outgoings is devoted to giving. Make this a first step on a generous journey and commit to reviewing this on a regular basis.



Grab your Bible, get out your budget, and make a list of your assets and annual giving. Pray, and allow God to guide your giving as the first financial decision. If you don’t already have one, look into setting up a giving account. You can use it to support one charity/church/Christian worker or as many as you like. If you're already a giving account aficionado, why not make today the day that you increase a regular gift or set up a new recipient?

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