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 Report of August funday and this new outreach facility for children

NEXT DATE FOR JAM  -  Summer 2013- date to be advised


 On Wednesday 1st August 2012, we held our first JAM Special Event in Wivelsfield Village Hall.  The event was themed around God’s Wonderful World.

Having set up the hall early, at 9.10am we had a team briefing that involved all of the volunteers, including James Gander, Cameron Wallis and Thomas Hunter (Wicked Members), Paul Welch, Marjory Leggatt, Rhonda Janes, Sheila Blair, Janet Day, Paula Pollard, Kay Hollywood (First Aider) Sara Crichton, Paula Wood, Lesley Wale and myself.  All present were informed about child protection, first aid, safety procedures and what the day had in store.  Sheila Blair was running a session for toddlers in the Renshaw Room during the morning and then she joined us for the afternoon. 

At 9.30am all of the 26 children, ranging from 4 to 11 years old, arrived into a hall full of crafts and immediately joined in an ice breaking parachute game.  This helped all of the children to settle in quickly and we were able to also play a game to share names as there were new faces to the group, joining many familiar faces.

After a short introduction linked to creation and beginning, the children had time to select from a variety of activities throughout the day.  The activities included, creating a group large scale garden (outside); developing natural sculptures in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy; taking time to read a variety of children’s books about nature and animals; engaging in drama focused on the creation story; creating clay sculptures of people and animals in the style of Henry Moore (artist); making their own shiny fish and feathered birds; developing their skill of embroidery through creating sewn images of nature using the ideas of another artist Georgia O’Keefe;  baking and then later icing their own gingerbread men; making their own ink blot world and mounting it on a paint flicked starry sky; finger painting their own world; and finally using paint effects to create their own meadow painting.

During the morning, the children were able to access snacks and drinks whenever they were needed and around 11.00am we all came together to share in the story of Creation, using read text, projected images and a short piece of film. 

We broke for lunch slightly earlier than planned as the children were hungry, so at around 12.00noon we all ate our packed lunches together.  Afterwards we played more parachute games, unfortunately though the weather was not very kind to us and so we were prevented from going outside.  Instead we were able to play games and have fun together in the hall and at one point we all managed to get inside the parachute! 

After lunch the children returned to their activities, again having total choice and being able to go to different activities whenever they wanted to. 

At 2.30pm the parents arrived for coffee and cake in the Renshaw Room and then they joined us in the hall for our shared celebration of the day.  James Gander had again put together an amazing slide show of our day, which we were able to share with the parents as they came into the hall.  The children then all showed their favourite piece of work that they had created during the day and some even spoke about them; the drama group shared one of their of their sections from the story and we ended the day with an action song that we even sung as a four part round.

Thanks to all who helped make the day a great success.

Sarah Cox


Sarah Cox, J.A.M. organsier, hopes to continue these sessions in each major school holiday - Easter, Summer and Christmas.  Volunteers to help are essential (any many thanks to all those who have helped so far).  there is a small fee payable for a child to particiapte in the day.  Should anyone want to volunteer please contact Sarah .  The parachute used for the day was loaned from the village primary school. Thanks for this is given but it would be nice to buy one for childrens mission work, owned by the church, any profits and specific donations could be put towards this.      

Did you know the church has a childrens service,  1st Sunday of the month, 9.30 am  - followed by refreshments -  you could meet the volunteers involved in JAM and other fun activities, do come!     


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