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Marriage Preparation Day



Marriage Preparation Day 



"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love"

1 Corinthians 13 (v13)


Wivelsfield Church believes that helping couples to understand how a successful marriage works is as important as planning the perfect wedding day.

Couples who are due to "tie the knot" in the forthcoming year at St Peter and St John the Baptist Wivelsfield are invited to a course (9.15 - 3.30) to help them prepare for the day and their life together.


The day is usually held in the Spring, it is light hearted but offers some practical advice and thoughts to help and signpost the way if the going gets tough.  The day also talks them through the purpose and meaning of the vows they will take,  we hope that this will encourage the couples to learn how to communciate well and always remember that they are in it together, building a perfect day and happy ever after!


Subjects Covered

Getting on together helps couples with communication skills and helps couples discuss each others expectations in marriage.


Money and values looks at the basics of planning how to use money, as well as examining the values associated with spending money and time.


Intimacy covers the subject of sex and physical relationships and looks at intimacy between couples in a more general way.


Children focuses on the impact of children on a marriage.  It looks at some of the issues of being parents.  It also considers the place of the home in a marriage, irrespective of children.


Conflict questions how couples deal with anger and the inevitable conflicts and differences that arise in marriage.  It also offers suggested ways forward.

If you would like to ask about attending the  day (no charge) or book the church for a wedding please contact the Verger  or ChurchWardens