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Home Groups




What is a Home Group?

A Home Group is a small group of the Church Family getting together regularly in someones home to study the bible,  follow a prepared Christian course,  or just discuss their faith in a relaxed surrounding. The purpose is to help unravel the mysteries of our faith and are useful for someone who is stepping their first steps on the road or may have been a committed Christian for many years.    

When do they meet?

We have two Home Groups at the moment, the below tell you who is the leader and the time and day that they meet.  If you are interested in joining a group please contact the leader to see if there is any room.  If not,  fear not as we may be able to set up a new group.  The groups do ebb and flow from time to time so your wait won't be long, before we can find a group for you to attend. In addition the vicar lead a bble study as an introduction for those who wish to start to explore faith.

Some groups  meet weekly and others 2 weekly (but all meet weekly during  the 5 weeks of lent). Most home groups have a break over the summer when members are on holidays. Once or twice a year the Home Groups get together for a larger meeting which usually includes lunch and a wider discussion affecting the Church or most recently we had a talk on "mission".

What is the format of the group?

Most groups start or end with tea/ coffee will include a prayer and some instruction or discussion.  This may be assisted by listening to a CD,  watching a DVD or reading passages from the Bible.  The groups usually last between one and two hours and normally end with the Grace (2 Corintinans 13:14).

What are the rules?

To respect each other and allow opportunity for all to contribute to the discussion.  To listen to each other and to observe the privacy of any comments that may be shared during meetings.     


Home Groups  


Wednesday - 7.30pm -9.30pm Jenny Billam  (01444 459551) 

Wednesday - 8.00pm - 10.00 pm  Sheila Blair (01444 233937)