We love to see families joining the congregation, but we do understand that smaller people often have a shorter concentration span and sitting quietly in the pew is not always easy!

we hope to launch Sunday School later this year in the Church Hall opposite,  but if you want to keep your children with you during the service that is fine too.   

We have activity bags by the south door for children with a few toys and books.  Please help yourself to one if it will help to keep your child amused,  or use the childrens corner.  If you do need to "escape" (and please don't worry about a little noise,  we don't mind!) the church room has a roll out  carpet, heater and  has a box of toys and activity items. It is located through the side door on the left of the North Aisle. There is also access to the toilet and a kitchenette.

If you use the Creche,  there is usually someone rota'd to assist, who will join you in the church room. You can monitor the service from the radio loop and choose a time to rejoin as you wish.  A sidesman will pop through just before communion starts in case you want to come back in at that point.     

 We hope that you will feel comfortable to worship in our church but in a way that suits your family too.

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