PCC and standing committee dates 2017

DATES of PCC and Standing Committee meetings 2017

Please note that the meetings are not open to the wider congregation nor residents. The meetings are attended by those elected to the PCC or the standing committee. others may be invited as observers or for specific items from time to time. If you would like to attend to observe please contact a church warden


PCC                     Mon 23 Jan                            8pm


St Comm             Tues  14 Feb                          9.30am


PCC                     Wed 15 March                       8pm


APCM/Vestry        Wed 26 April                         7.20pm


PCC                     Thurs 11 May                        8.15pm


St Comm             Mon 5 June                            9.30am


PCC                     Tues  4 July                            8pm


St Comm             Wed 9 August                        9.30am


PCC                     Tues 12 Sept                          8.00pm


St Comm             Mon 16 Oct                           9.30am


PCC                     Wed 15 Nov                           8pm


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